Colin Killalea

Colin is the frontman for the Brookyln based buzz band Yost (currently finishing their debut album), a member of Winn Bros’ drummer Robby Sinclair’s band Lazer Cake, as well as half of the well-received sync- centric band Ashes, a duo with singer/songwriter Chris Keup. Colin has played the Bonnaroo Music Festival with singer/songwriter Don Dilego, toured widely throughout the US, and recorded with jazz and rock artists alike. He DJ’s under the alias CK TROPICAL and writes original instrumental music under the same name. His latest project, Drunken MAster, is a 20 minute dance mix of short oringal songs featuring voice altering effects and 80’s inspired synth sounds. He frequently engineers and produces at White Star Sound on a farm in central Virginia.


The Winn Brothers Band is a seven piece group out of Washington, D.C. playing a wide variety of music covering Jazz standards, Motown, Funk, Classic Rock and 80s hits. This band of talented musicians has performed at many private parties, weddings and corporate functions throughout the mid-Atlantic region.